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Graveside is a Science Fantasy/ Cyberpunk novel.

The story is set about 120 years into the future on our world, although our world looks a little different. After a few climate changes and resulting catastrophes, which led to an event later called the “Great Migration”, people settled down in 8 mega-cities around the globe.

These cities are truly gigantic, as big as some countries are in our time. However, there are no more borders and the cities rule themselves.

The story is set in a city called Sorroh. Due to its technological achievements, it is one of the wealthiest and most influential cities of the world.

Sorroh is divided into two parts: Landside and Waterside.
Waterside is where the rich people live. It’s where all the big companies are, the banks, the theatres. Everything that’s good in this city happens at Waterside.

Landside is for the poor. For the too young and too old, for those who don’t know where else to go. It’s cramped, broken – a shithole, so to speak. It’s where the petty crimes happen and where the people go when they want to die, because it can’t be called living out here. Surviving at the most. That’s why Landside is affectionately called Graveside. It’s where everything ends.

And where our story begins.

Kadan Endou
The Raven
Aeyre in neon clothes
The Night
The Broken and The Raven
The Soldier and The Broken